I was pottering around in the kitchen when suddenly, I heard my phone ping and light up light up. I looked down on the phone I saw familiar name flash up on the screen. I open the message and it read “can we meet I need to talk to you about some stuff?”.

Stuff? What stuff? What even is, stuff? Even though I was a little confused I replied back saying “Yeah cool, sure, when is good for you?”.

It was arranged that we would meet the following week. It was a week of thinking what could this stuff be? The day arrived and the all so familiar face arrived at my door. We made tea, ate cakes, made small talk for some time. In the back of my mind, I was thinking the whole time “when are we going to get to the stuff?” I would never be so rude to ask out right. Then suddenly, my friend blurted out something that would change the course of the next few years for me; “Do you want to set up a charity with me?”.

I sat in silence for a minute or two trying to processes what she had said. The words going round and round in my head. I had question after question. What? How? When? Then the light bulb moment. I don’t care about that. What, how and when will take care of itself, it just didn’t matter, we would work all out. I knew I wanted to do this challenge more than anything else in the world. So I just said, “Yeah, when do we start?”.

That was the moment that Forever Colours Children’s Hospice was born. That was where our journey began.

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Forever Colours Children’s Hospice was formed to support babies, children and young people with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions who are not expected to reach adulthood. The support that is offered will extend to their families, to support families to deal with the possible emotional and physical challenges they face and to make the most of life.