It’s the 2nd of February and the day has finally arrived. It feels like such a long time coming. Our once upon a time is starting to come true. “True” is a massive word for us as its kind of where this all started what now seems like a lifetime ago.

Today is the day of our very first event, it’s our time to shine. It the time in which we actually got to meet families for the first time. The emotions that fill the air have been a mix of nerves excitement and now success.

The build up to the event was full of many first, our first contact with family’s and professionals our first shopping trip our first id badges. First referral forms, first consent forms, first leaflets and banners.

We had 12 family’s 15 volunteers and Singing Hands (who by the way, are massive ideal to our small friends) attended our event at the Thomley centre. I remember going to visit the Thomley centre and sitting in my car after thinking I can’t wait to hold an event here and to share this beautiful space with the people that drive our passion.

The day has been a massive success with lots of smiles and laughter.  There was soft play, sensory play bike riding, arts and crafts, cooking with the amazing smell of chocolate in the air. The best of all there was lots and lots of signing and signing. The sound of the children’s enjoyment is a sound like no other and one that we will never forget.

Forever Colours will be forever grateful for this day and can’t wait for the next one. We got this!

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Forever Colours Children’s Hospice was formed to support babies, children and young people with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions who are not expected to reach adulthood. The support that is offered will extend to their families, to support families to deal with the possible emotional and physical challenges they face and to make the most of life.