Covid will not stop us!!! If we can’t bring our kids to an Easter event, then we will bring an Easter event to the kids. Even though nothing can replace seeing our family’s face to face the weather is looking brighter which always makes you feel better and it excites us even more because it means that our Easter baskets will bring even more enjoyment too our children.

With the support from our local Morrisons and our wonderful carers and shopping and warping mad Junior Ambassadors, we have been able to put together some exciting fun for the children this Easter holiday.

The children have all been delivered Easter eggs, eggs for hunting with little basket to collect them in, as well as super cute bunny’s with matching ears and Bonnets to decorate. The response that we received from our family was overwhelming and the cheeky smile filled my heart with warmth and joy. I am left with drive to put more ideas to paper and plan something for the next school brake. Could this be the one we finally are able to meet face to face again? I can’t wait.

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